Hurricane Mk1, RAF serial R4118, Squadron code UP-W, UK civil registration G-HUPW, at the PFA Flying for Fun Rally at Kemble Airfield, Gloucestershire, England. [N 1]

The Hawker Hurricane was a contemporary of the Supermarine Spitfire.



There were a number of variants.

  • Mk I: Initial production version. Some examples fitted with cameras in lower rear fuselage.
    • Mk IA (Early Production): Modified from prototype design with larger radiator, strengthened canopy with armoured windscreen, simplified undercarriage doors and fixed tailwheel.
    • Mk IA (Late Production): Improved Mk I with metal skinned wings and variable pitch propeller, housed in a lengthened propeller spinner.
  • Mk II: Mk I airframe with Merlin XX engine. Some examples fitted with cameras in lower rear fuselage.
    • Mk IIA: Early Mk II sub-variant with eight gun armament of Mk I.
    • Mk IIB: Examples with 12 gun wing. First version fitted with bomb racks.
    • Mk IIC: Version with machine guns replaced by four 20mm autocannon. 4,711 built
    • Mk IID: Anti tank variant, comprising 300 examples fitted with a pair of 40mm Vickers S Guns.
  • Mk III: Aircraft intended for UK production with Packard Merlin engine, which failed to materialise due to engine shortage.
  • Mk IV: Version fitted with the 'Universal' wing. Originally designated Mk IIE
  • Mk V: Dedicated ground attack version with Merlin 32 driving a four bladed propeller. Limited to three prototypes.[2]


  1. The aircraft was delivered new to 605 (County of Warwick) Squadron at Drem, Scotland, on August 17th 1940. This aircraft flew 49 combat sorties from Croydon, England, destroying 3 enemy aircraft and damaging 2 others. It carries its original markings.[1]


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