The Messerschmitt Bf 109 was the primary interceptor aircraft of the Luftwaffe during World War 2.


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  • Bf 109A: Retrospective designation for initial prototypes
  • Bf 109B:
  • Bf 109C:
  • Bf 109D:
  • Bf 109E:
  • Bf 109F:
  • Bf 109G:
  • Bf 109K:
  • Bf 109T: Carrier compatible development of Bf 109E, intended for operation from Germany's two Graf Zepplin class aircraft carriers.
    • Bf 109T-0: Initial prototype.
    • Bf 109T-1: Production version.
    • Bf 109T-2: De-navalised Bf 109T-1s posted to Norway for air defence duty, as their Short Take-off capability enabled them to use smaller airfields.[N 1] Withdrawn from front-line service in 1944, survivors were passed to flight training schools.

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  1. A 109T was used to destroy the first B-17 lost in combat when, on 8 September 1941, Leutnant Alfred Jokobi of JG77 shot down B-17C (Fortress Mk I) AN525 (WP-D) of 90 Squadron, RAF.[1]


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