The Vought F6U Pirate was a single set jet fighter developed for the United States Navy.


Before World War ll ended, Vought was busy with the design of the V-340 single-seat jet-propelled fighter for service with the USN. It was the first turbojet-powered aircraft to be designed by the company, but proved sufficiently attractive for the Navy to award a contract for three XF6U-1 prototypes on 29 December 1944.

Of low-wing monoplane configuration, the all-metal structure of the airframe had Metalite skins, patented by the company and comprising two sheets of high-strength light alloy bonded to a balsa wood core. The tailplane was mounted on the fin, just above the fuselage, but production aircraft had two auxiliary fins, one towards the tip on each side of the tailplane. The Pirate had retractable tricycle landing gear, jettisonable auxiliary fuel tanks at each wingtip, and the pilot accommodated high on the fuselage, well forward of the wing.

The first of the three prototypes made its maiden flight at Muroc Dry Lake, powered by a 3,000-lb (13.34-kN) thrust Westinghouse J34-WE-22 turbojet mounted in the aft fuselage. Production examples of the F6U-1, of which the first flew during July 1949, began to enter service with the US Navy in the following month. A total of 65 had been ordered but after 30 had been delivered the remainder were cancelled.[1]


  • F6U-1P: Designation allocated to one of the production F6U—1s following the installation of cameras for evaluation in a reconnaissance role

SPECIFICATION (Vought F6U-1 Pirate)Edit

  • Powerplant: one 4,2Z5 lb (18.78-kN) thrust Westinghouse J34-WE-30 turbojet
  • Performance (estimated): maximum speed 564 mph (908 km/h) at 20,000 ft (8095 m), service ceiling 46,300 ft (14,110 m) range 1,150 miles (1,851 km)
  • Weights: empty 7,320 lb (3320 kg); maximum take-off 121570 lb (5702 kg)
  • Dimensions: wingspan, without tiptanks 32 ft 10 in (10.01 m), length 37 ft 7 in (11.45 m); height 12 f1 11 in (3.94 m); wing area 203.50 sq ft (18.91 m2)
  • Armament: four 20-mm cannon


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